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I'm, erm, just going to write this out all at once so I don't lose my nerve.

It's not that I don't think I could like you, Aileen, it's that ... Well. It's that I like how things were, with us. I liked just ... going for walks. Talking about my day, knowing that you were listening to me and not sitting there thinking, oh, Kail, he's just so stupid about these things. And maybe you were thinking that, considering I never noticed, but --

But that's not what I'm writing about!

What I'm writing about is that I shouldn't have gotten you that rose. Not because I don't like you, because you're my friend, Aileen, and -- and that means a lot to me! But I only did it because Lawrence and Loki told me that you were interested, and I really should have thought about it and decided for myself if I was interested in you, too.

And the answer is ... well, the answer is, I don't know yet. I think I could be. But I think if I could be, it would be through ... through the way things were before. Going for walks. Talking. Playing at being your assistant, hah, little things like that ... and seeing what came as a result of all of that, you know? Seeing if ... if it naturally turned into something more.

I did talk to somebody about this, and I figure I should tell you that ... but they didn't tell me to do this. They just told me to ... to tell the truth, and to be honest with you, and then to think about this. Honestly. Which I'm going to try to do! Really. It was just advice, just like you'd ever ask anybody for advice ...


I'm sorry.

Can we try to just -- see if something happens?

And -- and if you're angry, I understand. I mean, I'd be angry too. Probably.
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