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[Filter: Franelcrew]

You know ...

I think I remember reading that Night of the Dead was really, um, creepy in Kilia? Something about masks and cloaks and ...

Sorry! That entry about costumes reminded me, and ... and, er, well. I'm fairly sure that even if Kilia did celebrate the Night of the Dead like anyone else, they certainly wouldn't here.
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[Filter: Private]

How do you even say something like --


Maybe I should just keep quiet? Maybe he'll think I'm being jealous. Maybe it's awkward. I sure feel awkward asking about it, and -- and it does seem sort of --

No! No.

This is so difficult! Why didn't anybody ever just tell me this would be this difficult when I started messing it up in the first place?

[Filter: Sawyer]


You, er, seem happy! That's good. I mean. It is! I just thought I should -- say that I'm happy for you, or. Something.
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[Filter: Aileen]

So I took your advice!
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[Filter: Private]


I just --

He's just going to say no! He's going to think it's all about earning back his trust and fake apologies and -- because there's been so many of them, haven't there? That's the entire problem! I apologize and then I do it all over again like nothing ever happened!

It's not going to work.

They're going to be here probably today.

It's not going to work!

[Filter: Sawyer and Korvin]


I behaved badly the other day. I'm sorry.

Again, I know. I know. Dragons. I was just caught off g It doesn't matter, does it? There's not any excuse. Korvin, of course you're welcome with us. I'm sorry for overreacting.

[Filter: Sawyer]

Can we spar?
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[Filter: Franelcrew except Sawyer]

All right, I think I have enough of them put together now! What do you think, Druce, do we need more? I mean we can keep going if we need to! The boys and I have a really good rhythm going! Or should we start pinning them together?

What else do we need to do? I think we have almost everything ready, don't we? Except, well, the food, but ...
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[there is a sloppy version of the Kilian alphabet, repeated twice, getting a little bit cleaner each time]

[messy Kilian]

I think write better now.


No, that's missing something. Dragons! Why is this language so hard?


I think I am write better now.


Argh, that's not it either! And that's just writing it. I promise nobody wants to even hear me try to say it. It comes out all ... All sloppy and slurry and I still don't understand why there are so many vowels!

But I can't help with what everyone else is doing, so I thought maybe I'd do this some more ...
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Is that going to be ready soon? Dragons, can't you just smell those onions? I bet the dressing is amazing. Labhri, Jayne, just wait until you have some of Nessa's cooking, I promise you've never had anything like it!

Nessa, please tell me that's going to be ready soon ....
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Did anybody still want to, er, well ... it's pretty late now and I know we don't have many options, but ....

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[Terrible, sloppy Kilian]

[the writing doesn't get much better with the practice]

Hello. My name Kail. I form Franel in Dentroia.

Hello. Mie name Kail. I from Franel in Dentria.

Hallo. Me name Kail. I fromm Farnel in Dentora.


None of those look right! The lines are all off ...
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

You know, it just occured to me that Festival is coming up really soon ...

I was thinking about doing that gift exchange again, but it's weird this year! There's not nearly as many of us, or anything, and ... well, I'd hope we'll be in Baethan by then.

I don't know, what does everyone think? It was kind of fun, but there's so many less of us now. And, er, well, I'd hate to leave anybody out ... Like, erm, our traveling companions? It would be weird to do this and just leave them on the sidelines ...
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[Filter: Franelcrew and Dragoncrew]

I know, I know, Eabh -- that's spelled right, isn't it? -- he keeps saying it's right here, or, er, I think that's what he's saying? He's said it so many times that I think I could almost say it in Kilian now. But I don't see anything. I don't see anything that could be -- a hidden door, or a secret entrance, or even a magic doorway or whatever else might be hiding it!

And it's starting to get really muggy in here, isn't it ... ?

Maybe there's a trigger to reveal it somewhere else down here. There's always secret passages hidden behind shelves in books! And stones that press into the walls like they're loose, look for those too.
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[the writing is disjointed and sloppy]

I'm coming! Wait for me I'm coming don't just leave me here! I'll fix it I'll fix everything. You just have to wait up! Come back! Father, Mother, Lawrence, Sawyer, come back --

You just have to wait for me! I'm sorry I'll fix it I swear I'll fix it PLEASE

I --


[there is a long line of ink followed by a sharp blot here]
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[Filter: Franelcrew]


I don't -- you were just standing out there, in the woods! I saw you! I saw you just a moment ago. I was going to call out and ask why you were standing out there, you needed to stay with the group, but -- but then I turned around to tell someone, and you were standing right there. With the others. How did you ...

Felicia was there, too. And Father, but -- but you were out there, I swear it. It was you. The others ... the others weren't real and I knew that, but ...
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Lauren's been up above the fog so long. Do you think it ate her? Do you think those mist snakes came out and grabbed her and dragged her somewhere? They can do that, right?

Can they do that?

I hope she comes down soon! Every time she goes up there she makes me nervous.
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[Filter: Private]

And that's it.

... That's it.

... I promised I would stop looking backward and just -- ugh!

[Filter: Franelcrew]

Can someone come help me put my things away in here when you have a minute? I know all of them fit in this bag when we first got here, but now I can't get it to stay shut. I think maybe I have someone else's things with mine? Or I just am really awful at putting these things away, but ...

What time are we leaving for this black fog manor, anyway? Are we going bright and early like we do for everything else? Can we at least have breakfast before we go?
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[Filter: Private]

Is it still too soon to ask about it?

But it's been -- it's been weeks! It's been more than a month and he hasn't said anything about it at all. He hasn't even acknowledged anything when I try and get him to say something ... he's so impossible to read! I can't even tell if he's thinking about it!

I can't tell if he's thinking about anything that even has to do with it!


Do I just go up to him and ask? Do I filter to him here and see if he's willing to talk? Or is that too direct? I don't want to just ... sit there waiting forever!

I should ask C

No!!! Argh, that whole thing is what got me into this in the first place! Talk to him, not to other people about him!


I don't want to do this. He's going to be angry ...

[Filter: Sawyer]



I don't suppose you've, er, given the things I said back at the border any thought.
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You know, Nessa, I swear you get ten times better at this every year! And considering your dumplings were already amazing the first year, well ... well!!

I could eat twenty of just these apple ones by themselves! Dragons, they're incredible. I know it's probably almost time to tell the story, isn't it, but I really just want to sit here with these things ...

What is in these? I think Aileen said there was honey?
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[Filter: Franelcrew]


Did -- did anyone else ...

Well, I mean, Lawrence said he had a nightmare, too, so I assume that everyone else had dreams like that. I don't ...

It seems so stupid now. I mean, it was just a dream, but -- but whatever it was of, something -- something consumed me. I don't know any other word for it. I just felt my -- my self being ... being destroyed. Completely blacked out by something else, some sort of ...

And I couldn't do anything to stop it! There wasn't any way to fight, or to ... it just took me over. Completely. And then it was done and I was someone else and ...


This sounds so ridiculous, but I could feel it. Like it was swallowing me up.
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[there are whiskey stains on this page]

[Filter: Sawyer]

You know the worst part of this is I know theres nothing there because you told me there's nothing there but it still makes me so angry to see you walk off with him! I promised I'd trust you and I told myself that nothing washappening but it's just so easy to think of all the things that could be happening!!

And its not even about him at all!! Well no it is. But not all about him.

Everybody was so upset that I was jealous and you know what I guess I am jealous. I keep thinking of him and you and him touching you and it just makes all the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It shouldnt be him. I know I said I was sorry and I am sorry but it shouldn't be him it should be me. If I hadnt been such a colo


giant ass about the whole thing it could have been me!! And it makes me mad at him and mad at myself because its' not fair Sawyer it's just not. It should be me. Even if I'm sorry for what I said and did that doesn't matter it should be me. I was stupid to freak out about it and I was stupid to throw a tantrum and I was stupid to yell at Korvin but it's not fair! I made a dumb mistake with this entire everything and I just keep thinking about how nice it was to be with you and how stupid I was not to get that. To care more about everything else than about that! Than about how good it felt to be with you.

I know Iv'e been an ass to everybody esp espeas espesialy you but I just wish things were different. I wish things were how they were again with us. I miss how it was. How we were.

Dragons it's so hard not to get even angrier just sitting here knowing that youre off with him!!!
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It's so nice out today, isn't it? Dragons. It reminds me of how it used to be in the spring in Franel, sort of. But more ... er, more marshy! And with a bigger river ... Dragons, that river. It's practically all the way up to the bottom of the bridge! I'm glad we don't have to cross that ourselves.

What do we need to do to get everything set up? Can I help haul things or anything?? Just tell me what to do! We've got to make this amazing. We have to make this the best birthday ever!

I'm starving!
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