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Name:Kail of Franel
Birthdate:Apr 1


Name: Kail
Class: Lord ==> Master Lord
Weapons: Swords
Age:1920212223 24
Birthdate: April 1st, 604 AR
Country: Dentoria
Family: Roivas [Father], Eria [Mother], Celeste [Sister], Lawrence [Brother]
Blood Type: AB+
Known Languages: Dentorian, Trade [Fluent], High Dentorian [Poor], Old Dentorian [Poor]


Kail was brought up like most other noble children. He was a sharp kid, skilled in the sword from a young age, though he has never actively participated in actual combat. Kail looked up to Lawrence (his older brother) all his life, championed the task of taking care of his younger sister Celeste, and soon grew into a fine young man. Kail assured himself that Lawrence would make an excellent lord of House Franel, and decided he would use his time to study and refine his sword technique, and tend to the well-being of his family. However, this would all be torn asunder by the mysterious events which were yet to take place...

Kail awoke one day in a small Dentorian town called Mileia, separated from his family and retainers. Within the house he awoke in was a journal, embued with the ability to communicate with others using similar journals...


Kail is of brave, honest, and firm of character. He tends to be a bit rash sometimes, however Sawyer is usually there to help balance him out. He also has a tendancy to undermine himself by thinking he can't live up to other's expectation. He cares very deeply about his family, and his holds his friends and allies dear. Kail wishes he could be more cool and composed when times become difficult, like his older brother Lawrence. Kail looks up to his brother Lawrence more than anyone


Kail is a rather tall 6'4", and has a slight medium build, due to his years of intense sword training. He has short, dark blue hair and green eyes. He always wears his rapier at his side, the sheath held together by a red sash. His armor consists of a chestplate and pauldrons, light enough to allow unrestricted movement. His current clothing consists of the few items he found in Mileia, a dark shirt, white pants, a dark green cloak, and a set of gloves.



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